WATCH: Harry Arter puts Jose Mourinho in his place

Jose Mourinho is no stranger to confrontation and there was a touch of it during Manchester United’s draw at home to Bournemouth on Saturday.

The physical battle between Tyrone Mings and Zlatan Ibrahimovic went over the edge on a few occasions during the game with Mings appearing to stamp Ibrahimovic on the head, while the big Swede seemed to retaliate with a crunching elbow.

And, when the opportunity arose to chastise Mings, Mourinho unsurprisingly did not shy away.

However, he didn’t bank on Harry Arter’s intervention.

The 27-year-old Republic of Ireland international noticed the United manager having a go at Mings and quickly jumped to his team-mate’s defence, toting a disapproving finger-wag.

Check out the moment in the video above.

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