VIDEO: Roddy Collins talks FAI, John Delaney & drives a mini in quirky chat show

“If I could slap one person, who would it be? John Delaney.”

Roddy Collins has a love/hate relationship with Irish football, where he has both experienced the euphoric highs of success and the sickening lows of humiliation.

The Dubliner’s manner can sometimes attract derision, but, while his opinions occasionally appear outlandish or contrived, he also pulls no punches when it comes to criticism of figures of authority, such as the Football Association of Ireland and that is an admirable trait. He makes no apologies for who he is.

A title-winner with Bohemians, Collins’ last stint in League of Ireland management came at Waterford United (now without the ‘United’) in 2016 and it wasn’t a particularly great period, which ended with a whimper.

So what’s he up to these days?

Collins can pop up anywhere. Outside of football, he has dipped his toes into a few pools. He’s had a number of newspaper columns and he appears on the radio now and again. But his latest public appearance came in the form of a charming internet┬átalk show called ‘Short Back and 2 Sides’.

Settling in for a haircut and a yarn, Collins has a chat with Barry “Caesar” Hunt before heading off – and this is not a joke – in a cool red mini for a race against the clock around a moderately difficult track.

After that, the former Shamrock Rovers and Carlisle United manager is quizzed by members of the St Mochta’s football team, who test his knowledge with some difficult football trivia, with “Caesar” chipping in with the odd curveball (including who would win a fight between Roddy and his brother Steve, as well as who he would like to punch the most).

It’s definitely worth a watch – catch the show below.

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