‘I’m simply looking at the bigger picture’ – Browne hits back at Caulfield over Cork City exit

Kenny Browne has hit back at the suggestion that his departure from Cork City is a ‘soap opera’ and insists that he is “simply looking at the bigger picture’ in leaving the club.

Browne joined Cork in 2016 from St Patrick’s Athletic and was a key player for John Caulfield’s side as they won the FAI Cup and finished second in the Premier Division. However, the 30-year-old will not be a part of a Leeside title-charge in 2017 as he drops down a division to play for his hometown club Waterford.

Browne’s exit from Turner’s Cross has been played out in the newspapers and online, with Caulfield questioning his ambition, and on social media, where irate Cork fans continue to express their disappointment with the player’s decision.

But the defender has lost patience with the chatter and has made his position clear in an interview with the Irish Daily Mirror, stressing that he is mainly concerned about financial security and looking after his family.

“I’m sick of the money struggles at the end of every season.” – Kenny Browne

“At the end of last season, I got a part-time job in Waterford for six weeks. Unless you’re a young lad with no ties, 40-week (player) contracts are not great at my age,” Browne told the Mirror.

“I’ve a young family, a mortgage to pay and I’m sick of the money struggles at the end of every season.

“You’re trying to put money away for Christmas. Sometimes you’re struggling to pay your bills, so I took on part-time work.

“I’ve since been offered a full-time job with that company and I’m simply looking at the bigger picture.

“I’ve heard people say I’m going for the money. Hilarious! It couldn’t be further from the truth. How could I be on more money in the First Division?”

Leaving the disappointment of losing a talented player to a First Division club aside, supporters would surely understand the difficulties footballers in the League of Ireland endure when it comes to long-term financial security, right?

Read the full interview with Browne here.

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